Thursday, 30 October 2008


Well today got off to a good start, popped into Macdonalds on the way to uni this morning and got a very nice sausage and egg mcmuffin! Yummmmmmm. Then got to uni early which is always good. Got my panels cut out for my corset and then realised I didn't have my backing fabric so had to cut that out too.

Anyway finally got them all cut out and paired up. I then decided to do a little sample of the colours I had for the topstitching and ended up choosing my first choice which was a pearlescent white thread. I then made up a cording sample and began cording my panels. Although after the third panel, I was cutting the cording for it and this happened.

close up of finger

Yep cut my finger lol, can't get a very clear photo though I'm afraid. And as the university had no plasters in the first aid box, this is how I ended up leaving this afternoon.

bandage put on at university

Sorry if I have grossed you out at all.

Anyway I managed to get all of my panels corded despite having a finger out of use lol. So here is a slideshow of them all finished.

Thanks for looking.



Tracy said...

Hi Maddy Cheryl's Bouquet is a free chart from Ink Circles

Ginnie said...

Hope your finger gets better soon..... love your teddy wizard on your last post.

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