Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Teddy Wizard...

Have been to Romford this morning and bought threads for a 2 RR pieces, the missing thread to my teddy wizard, 349, and also some embroidery thread for my corset. I also got a large piece of white 18 count aida as well as a large piece of black 14 count aida for a special project.
UFO Night again on A Crafty Natter and today I have done some more of my teddy.

Here is it today.
WIP pic 25

Not much left now. His foot is nearly finished and then there is a little ground beneath them which is one colour. Then there are all the stars on his cape and his necklace. That's really all there is. Of course there are outlines to do too but they shouldn't take long at all.

Thanks for looking.


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